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This company was conceived by Bryan Banner in 2001 to encompass the creation, production, recording and engineering of his original music for global CD release and has recently added the music-publishing facet.

The Founder

Bryan Banner was born in and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. When he was six, he was formally introduced to music in the form of classical violin training. At the age of eleven Bryan taught himself how to play the guitar, started a band and began to perform in live settings.

In the time since, Bryan has played lead guitar in numerous bands such as The Secret 3 (Vancouver), The Heat (Seattle) and Catchpenny (Vancouver). Through these bands he experienced the production of several professional music recordings. In 2001, he began piano training and studied music theory passing several grades of the Royal Conservatory of Music. Many of Bryan’s compositions have a classical influence.

From his training and skills, he possesses perfect relative-pitch and instrument-specific perfect-pitch. For example, he is able to tune guitars without any initial reference tone.

Bryan primarily composes music from his emotions and through his life experiences. He must be in the right state of mind and mood to most effectively convert those memories, feelings and images into sound, melody and rhythm.


"I think he has a Canadian sound."

- Chris, New Westminster owner of Favorite Things Collectibles and Giftware

"Even the songs without words or singing sound like they have singing in them. I forget that most of his songs don't!"

- Sandy, New Westminster

"It's Easy-Listening I would say."

- Lynda, New Westminster

"It makes me want to cry every time. I have listen to it alone."

- Anonymous

"Why isn't he (well known) already?"

- Amy, New Westminster

"Tell him I want to sell his CD in my store. I would be so honored if he played here."

- David, New Westminster, 8 Stems Corporate Floral Design

"It's pretty good. He could work on his image."

- Michael, New Westminster

"Did he ever think of sending his stuff to Jann Arden or David Foster?"

- Maria, Calgary

"Now that's a good song!"

- Brian, Vancouver, commenting on the song, "Epiphany"

"Dance routines could be made from this. Some really good music."

- Shyla, Surrey, Dance Choreographer

"Very professional sounding!"

- Guido, Vancouver


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